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September Barbella Box: Lauren Brooks Curates a Go Box

Does anyone need more hoodies? In Texas? I stipulate that I do, and when I saw the sneak peek for the September Barbella Box, I decided to renew for the month. Seeing the black box with the teal barbell on my doorstep gets me more excited than it should. I stalk the box from the minute I get the tracking number in my email. And yes, I pay for this one myself, which tells you how much I love it.

Former Games Athlete Lauren Brooks curated the September Barbella Box. Brooks curated the box’s contents as go-to items for a busy life. In that vein, the items were things you might need as you’re running to the gym, to errands, to home. While there were no snacks in this box, the contents more than made up for it.

The September Barbella Box curated by former Games Athlete Lauren Brooks has all sorts of goodies to carry you from the gym to errands to home on a busy day.

Exosleeve Hoodie Pullover ($69.99 value): I love this hoodie! It’s a short sleeve, cropped hoodie in a heathered gray. The material feels good on my skin, and I freely admit to pulling on this hoodie when it’s chilly in my office. It hasn’t cooled off in Houston yet, so I haven’t worn it to/from the gym. I worried that the size would be too big (hobbit problems), but a small is roomy enough and cozy enough.

Kinx Gel Eyeliner ($15.00): My September Barbella Box included this sweat-proof and smudge-proof eyeliner in black. Never mind the paraben-free part or the retractable pencil with the built-in sharpener – this stuff stays PUT! I did not have raccoon eyes, even after a sweaty afternoon WOD. Yet the Kinx eyeliner came off easily with my regular Sephora waterproof eye makeup remover. I can see this becoming a staple in my makeup kit.

Protec Travel Foam Roller ($14.95): I’m a big fan of foam rollers. In fact, I already have two: one regular-sized bumpy one for my house, and one hollow travel one for my car and traveling. I didn’t actually need this foam roller, but it looks like a pretty good one, and portable enough to stuff in a gym bag for pre- and post-WOD work.

Barbella Resistance Band ($14.99): I also have a resistance band in my gym bag already, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t great. I use resistance bands like this one for mobility work.

Kinx Deep Cleansing Face Wipes ($8): I’m always out of face wipes. I keep them in my running bag so I can clean up a little post-run, not an easy task, and run out (punny!) all too easily. I like these – they’re very refreshing.

October is a breast cancer awareness box, and I believe today is the last day to sign up to guarantee one! Go to – it’s already been confirmed that the box will include a hot pink Chestee bra (reviewed here), which protects your collarbone from cleans.

Did you get the September Barbella Box? If so, what was your favorite item? What do you want to see in future boxes?


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