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What do you associate with summer? I’m imagining lazy afternoons by the pool, hot and steamy workouts – and of course, all kinds of tasty food! The long days are perfect for grilling, dining al fresco on the deck, and picnicking on the beach. It’s a time for family and friends, and delicious food is always a part of summer celebrations.

Menus tend to center around burgers, s’mores, and other heavy foods. But summer actually tastes better with lighter foods – which also help you feel like frolicking instead of napping. Yes, you can enjoy all the summer parties and meals and stay on track with PlateJoy.

PlateJoy is not a meal delivery kit. It’s a service that offers specially curated meal plans with recipes that fit your preferences and lifestyle. You can buy your groceries wherever you want (which is great if you like spending Saturday morning at the farmer’s market!) and get the family involved in prepping meals. And a lot of these recipes are perfect for your next cookout or block party.

Platejoy sample recipes include delicious summer-ready options like this amazingĀ Grilled Pork with Watermelon-Feta Salad.

As for me, I highly recommend PlateJoy to try new recipes and eat healthy meals during the summer.

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