Best Gifts for Runners Under $25

Are you looking for the best gifts for runners under $25? You’ve come to the right place! Black Friday is bearing down on us, and Christmas is actually closer to Thanksgiving this year than it was last year. That means it’s nose to the grindstone time now, not later, to find gift ideas for runners and get them shipped in time to slip them under the tree (or across the table at your Secret Santa exchange).

If you’re looking for gift ideas for runners for your office Secret Santa or a white elephant gift exchange, check out these top picks on my list. There are gifts for marathon runners and for new runners that will fit your dollar limit. Everything on this list is either under $25 all by itself, or under $25 if you use one of the coupon codes I’ve provided. Happy shopping!

These are the best gifts for runners, and they're all $25 or less!

This post contains affiliate links. That means if you click on one of the links for gifts for runners and purchase something, I get a small commission. Because of my relationship with some of the brands, I can offer you a discount – so it’s a win-win situation! For more information, please read my full Disclosure Statement.

High Density Speckled Foam Roller

This foam roller will help release knots and tight muscles after a tough run or on a rest and recovery day. Foam rollers are great gifts for marathoners as well as newer runners – and fitness buffs like them too.  Save 15% with the code THEBOX15.

Massage Stick Rollers: Going with the recovery theme, a massage stick roller is a great gift idea for runners! It helps them target sore spots and really dig in where they need it. Save 15% with the code THEBOX15.

Speed Jump Rope

Bad weather is the worst for runners that need a cardio fix.  Being trapped inside makes it hard to release endorphins, and if they don’t have a treadmill and can’t get to a gym, well, we all know what Elle Woods said about endorphins, right? A speed jump rope is a great gift idea for runners to get some cardio on icy days. They come in a lot of different colors, too. Save 15% with the code THEBOX15.

Kudos2U Coaster & Display Case: For the runner looking for a new way to display their race medals, this clever solution lets them turn their favorite medals into a coaster. Pick a background, adjust the inserts – and voila! They have a cool coaster to display on their coffee table. Save 15% with the code ROOTB15.

Goodr OG Sunglasses: These come in so many fun colors, and they’re a great gift idea for runners and fitness enthusiasts. Because the price point is so low, you can get them for just about anyone, and they’ve gained a cult following because they don’t bounce.

26 Marathons: What I Learned About Faith, Identity, Running, and Life from My Marathon Career: Meb! You can’t go wrong with this running gift, especially since it’s all of the legendary Meb Keflezighi’s wisdom from running 26 marathons.

Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow. If you’re looking for gifts for marathon runners who like to cook, this is it. Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow. is full of the recipes Shalane Flanagan ate while training for the 2017 TCS New York City Marathon – which she won.

Believe Training Journal: While most runners use all sorts of apps, nothing actually beats the feel of putting pen to paper. This journal includes space for more than just distance and speed; your favorite runner can record how they felt, what they thought, what they ate. There are also quizzes and quotes to inspire them to chase their next PR.

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    1. Thank you! I love the Run Fast Cook Fast Eat Slow cookbook too. It’s had some great recipes that my entire family loves.

  1. I bought my own jump rope because it’s so much easier to practice DUs–altho I’m not even close!!! Great list!

    Thanks for linking up! <3

    1. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve been practicing for 2 years and can barely string together 10!
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    1. Jumping rope is such a great cross training activity. After all, isn’t running just hopping? 😛

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