Clean Eating Pork Noodle Bowl Recipe

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This pork noodle bowl recipe is simple to make and delicious. I normally roast a pork tenderloin and have plenty of leftovers, so when I make it, I skip the part where I need to cook the pork thoroughly. Instead, I heat the leftover pork tenderloin all the way through after cutting it up into bite-size pieces. It makes the prep and cooking time that much faster, which is great for a busy weeknight after I stumble down from my home office.

What I like about this pork noodle bowl recipe is that it’s so easy to make and doesn’t require a ton of prep. There is chopping required, but you don’t have to remember to marinate meat. Also, every single picky eater at my table (I’m looking sideways at the miniature humans who dine with me nightly) will eat the majority of their bowls. I like how the flavors sort of meld together so you’re eating this delicious, salty, spicy meal. The oranges add a little sweetness to it without adding a ton of carbs. If you buy mandarin oranges packaged in water, you can avoid artificial sugar in your meal.

A couple of tips: bok choy tastes best when you only use the green, leafy part. Yes, this was a mistake I made the first time I made this pork noodle bowl recipe. Also, you don’t really need oil in the pan; I always substitute cooking spray, which keeps the meat from sticking to the pan. If your family doesn’t like spicy food, you can skip the red pepper flakes altogether. (That’s what I usually do, but mainly because I try to keep as nightshade-free as possible.)

This easy, healthy pork noodle bowl recipe can be made with leftover pork tenderloin for an easy weeknight dinner. | clean eating | easy healthy recipes | Healthy pork recipes #cleaneating

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