EnduroPacks Review: Multivitamins for Endurance Athletes

As a distance runner, fatigue is a part of my life. I’m always looking for ways to (naturally) boost my energy, so when I heard about EnduroPacks, I was eager to give the system a try.

EnduroPacks review: EnduroPacks system
EnduroPacks one-month daily vitamin system.

EnduroPacks is a daily multivitamin system that’s supposed to reduce fatigue and the likelihood of illness and injury. It’s a four-part system for pre-, during-, and post-workout: a liquid multivitamin, an electrolyte spray, amino acid patches, and an L-glutamine recovery complex. It came with an instruction card as well. Here’s how my EnduroPacks trial went:

The Liquid Multivitamin
First thing in the morning, with my banana and pre-workout, I was taking the multivitamin. However, the taste was pretty strong, so I ended up mixing it with orange juice to make it more palatable. The multivitamin actually has a pretty good mix of vitamins, so I was pleased.

The Electrolyte Spray
I sprayed the electrolyte spray directly into my water bottle so I wouldn’t forget to ingest it during my workouts. It basically doesn’t have any flavor, so it tasted fine and actually gave me a little more endurance for my workouts.

The Amino Acid Patches
Flashback to 1998, when I was slapping Nicorette patches all over my arms and torso! Post-workout, I’d try to remember to put one on after my shower, but I’m forgetful.

The L-Glutamine Complex
This fourth element gets taken before bed. If you thought I was forgetful in the morning, by the end of the day, I barely remember my own name. I put them on my nightstand and would take one before I settled in with my book and tea.

The Overall Result
After a couple of weeks, I noticed a little more endurance and energy in my runs and workouts. I really like the amino acid patches, and not just because I feel so retro. It’s such an effective way to deliver the amino acids to repair my muscles. The L-glutamine complex is pretty awesome, too, and the electrolyte spray is great for hydration – I definitely felt less drained after workouts when I was using it.

Would I recommend it? I definitely say give it a try. I felt like I was able to recover faster, run longer, and generally have a little more energy.

Disclosure: I received a one-month supply of EnduroPacks complimentary in exchange for an honest review. I received no further compensation. All opinions are my own.