Gifts for CrossFitters Under $25

Raise your hand if you haven’t started Christmas shopping yet (meekly raising hand). If you’re anything like me, you have plenty of gifts to buy: gifts for family, gifts for techies, gifts for CrossFitters. I’ve put together this Gifts for CrossFitters gift guide to help you shop for the CrossFit enthusiast (or fitness lover) in your life. These gifts are all under $25, making them wallet-friendly and perfect for workplace gift exchanges.

Note: This Gift Guide for CrossFitters contains affiliate links, meaning I receive a small commission if you click on the links and make a purchase. I receive no other compensation, and all opinions are my own.

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Speed Jump Ropes – A speed rope is a must in every CrossFitter’s gym bag. This lightweight rope can be customized to your favorite CrossFitter’s height. Because it’s lightweight, it makes mastering double unders that much easier.

12 Rung Agility Ladder – For your favorite fitness fanatic’s home gym, this agility latter will help her build speed and agility. It’s great for warmups, speed work, foot drills, and generally improving coordination. I used to love taking one out at my old gym.

Multi-grip Pull Up Bars – I have one of these and love it. You don’t need fancy hardware to mount it in a doorway, so it’s great for a CrossFitter or fitness lover living in a rental property (or, let’s face it, for someone who doesn’t want to drill holes in their doorway). This bar isn’t as good as a rig, but for someone who wants to work on their pull-ups, it’s a great gift. You can also use it to practice tricep dips, an accessory exercise that helps with muscle-ups.

Kettle Bells – Depending on how heavy you purchase, these can range from $14 to $60. I recommend buying at least a 20 lb. kettlebell for someone who has been into fitness for a while. It pushes the cost over $25, but it’s worth it. Kettlebells are a must for home WODs.

Sports Towels – Any gift guide for CrossFitters wouldn’t be complete without a good microfiber sports towel. CrossFit is a sweaty endeavor, and these towels quickly absorb sweat during and after a WOD.

Wrist Wraps – Wrist wraps are another essential for CrossFitters. These ones secure with Velcro and have thumb loops to keep them in place.

RXBars – CrossFitters and fitness fanatics alike love these (including me!). They’re made with clean, whole ingredients, like dates, nuts, and egg whites. RXBars come in a variety of flavors. If you’re a new customer, save 25% with the code “rxbarnew17” – a win-win for your holiday shopping!

NANO™ Foot Roller – Roll out sore arches with this easy to pack tool. This foot roller works for CrossFitters, runners, and dancers and makes a perfect stocking stuffer.

GRID® Mini Foam Roller – I have a full size one of these, but I gravitate to the section that looks like the Grid Mini Foam Roller. It’s one of several mobility gifts for CrossFitters I’m listing. Foam rolling helps relieve sore muscles, something your favorite CrossFitter definitely has. The small size makes it ideal for packing in a gym bag or traveling.

WOD Nation Massage Ball Set – Spiky ball, firm ball – all the balls to roll out sore muscles and help with mobility. Can you tell I’m big on mobility?

WOD Nation Resistance Bands – Add resistance bands to your gifts for CrossFitters or fitness fanatics. These are great for stretching and mobility work, as well as muscle activation.

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  1. Great list! I love that you designed one that is $25 and under, great if you are part of a large fitness community and you want to get everyone gifts!

    1. Thank you! So many gift guides have big-ticket items. Those are awesome, but sometimes you need to buy on a budget.

  2. Awesome list, I love finding gifts that feel really personalized that are still within a budget. 🙂

    1. I’m a big fan of trying not to go overboard when I buy presents, especially this time of year 🙂

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