It’s National Running Day! The Top 5 Gifts Running Gave to Me

In honor of National Running Day, here’s my list of the top 5 gifts running has given to me.

A sense of peace amid the chaos of life. Long runs, short runs, doesn’t matter. For however long I’m running, that time is for me. The stress of owning a business, being a mom, all the little things that pool around my brain melt away, and it’s me and the road.
A new way to explore. On vacation, and even on business trips, I’ve been able to see so much more of the world around me, things I wouldn’t see from a rental car or tour bus. I’ve run the entire Central Park loop, parts of The Woodlands and Seabrook, chunks of Orlando and Anaheim and Santa Monica, and even Presque Isle in Erie, PA. All beautiful, all different.
Amazing friends. I can’t even begin to list the amazing people I’ve met along the way. From SpeedyJ to Coach S, The Builder, CrossFit C, T-Fit, the Lauras, Baking V – pretty much everyone has inspired me and brought me a little further along my runs or in life.
Unforgettable experiences. From the excruciating pain of my first half marathon to the triumph of my third, the times spent with the above amazing friends to the quiet moments on vacation or traveling, I’ve had some amazing running experiences. I’ve also been able to attend some really awesome events, like the launch of the Octane Fitness Zero Runner and meet Olympian Carrie Tollefson.
A new way of looking at food. Food is fuel, and I view it as nourishment. Tasty, delicious nourishment. I look for healthy choices that will keep me moving.
Thank you, Running.