Marathon Recovery Week and Oofos Review

Last week was all about marathon recovery. Up until then, I had only spent a few hours in my Oofos Oomg Low Shoes. Now, with a full week of wearing them exclusively, I feel qualified to write an Oofos review.

First, let me tell you a little bit about my week. On Sunday, after the Chevron Houston Marathon, I foam-rolled, stretched, and sank into the hot tub at my hotel. “Sore” is a euphemism for how I felt, but it was to be expected.

Monday, I was able to walk a little better, so I would get up every so often and walk around the house, just to keep moving. I also did some stretching, foam rolling, and took an Epsom salt bath. Tuesday, I finally felt good enough to go for a 40-minute walk on the multi-use trails. By Wednesday, I was back at the box, although I went lighter than usual and focused on range of motion. Thursday, I went to Barbell Strong and did the long version of ROMWOD’s stretching routine. Friday, I felt good enough to do a workout in the hotel gym, and on Saturday, I ran 3 miles, nice and slow.

And that sums up my marathon recovery week nicely – I included plenty of mobility work and just kept moving.

Oofos Review: Comfort for Recovery

I figured waiting to write this Oofos review until after marathon recovery week would give me enough time to really test them. Here's the verdict.

Anyway, on to my Oofos review.

I first saw Oofos shoes at IDEA World last year, but the company only had flip-flops. But when I saw the Oofos Oomg Low Shoes at The Running Event, I knew I had to try them. Oofos kindly sent me this pair in exchange for an honest Oofos review.

The Oofos Oomg are the first Oofos closed-toed shoes to feature the patented Oofoam technology. The company claims that the foam absorbs 37 percent more impact than other foam materials, and that the footbed of the shoe itself cradles and supports arches to reduce energy exertion in the ankles by 20 percent. This speeds recovery and makes walking easier.

One of the reasons why I was so excited to get the Oofos Oomg is because they look like regular athleisure shoes. Stylish-looking recovery shoes are hard to find! I asked Oofos to send them to me in a size 7; I normally wear a 6.5 in street shoes, but a) the Oomg doesn’t come in half sizes and b) Oofos recommends sizing up, anyway.

As I mentioned, I chose the Oofos Oomg because they look like regular athleisure shoes – and also because these shoes would stay on my foot. I can’t stand the feeling of flip-flops, well, flopping. These do stay on my feet and feel extremely comfortable, even more comfortable than the athleisure shoes I brought last year to the Aramco Houston Half Marathon (because nobody wants to keep wearing their running shoes after a race!)

I slipped on my Oofos almost immediately after I ran the Chevron Houston Marathon. As was the case with previous wears, I immediately felt like the Oofos Oomg were cradling my feet. My arches hurt, and these shoes took the pressure off them. I found that the size 7 was perfect for my sore toes.

The rest of the week, I wore my Oofos Oomg instead of athleisure sneakers (I wore running shoes to go for walks and CrossFit shoes for my time at the box.) I feel like they definitely helped with my recovery! They somehow feel softer than other shoes, and I was more willing to wear them because of how they look.

Overall, I recommend the Oofos Oomg to anyone looking for a post-race recovery shoe that can be worn as a street shoe.