MealEnders Help Curb Holiday Overeating

Holiday overeating is nothing new. Between family get-togethers and parties, plus traveling, not only is it hard to find healthy food, it’s easy to overindulge. Nobody really likes that uncomfortably full feeling (like when you feel like you’re a snake that just swallowed a goat), which is why MealEnders Signaling Lozenges are such a great idea.

MealEnders are designed to curb overeating by teaching portion control. It’s all very science-based, but without stimulants or appetite suppressants or other things that tend to go wrong quickly. In fact, it’s completely drug-free and works to help modify behavior. Basically, you know that point where you know you’ve eaten enough but are still hungry? That’s when you take a MealEnder. The sweet outer layer gives you that “reward” feeling you’d get from dessert. The inner layer provides kind of a cooling/tingling sensation and engages the trigeminal nerve (the “taste” nerve – see, all that science!). Your mouth and mind are occupied during the 20-minute overeating zone – when you’d want a second helping, for exmaple – and your body can catch up and feel full. It’s like having a candy, but one that helps you get in touch with your body’s cues.

Through my association with SweatPink, MealEnders sent me four bags to try, one in each flavor: Chocolate Mint, Mocha, Cinnamon, and Citrus. Since after lunch and after dinner are my witching hours, I took one after those meals. The chocolate on the outside of the chocolate mint and mocha flavors is delicious! (So are the outer flavors of the cinnamon and citrus MealEnders, but the Chocolate Mint and Mocha are my absolute favorite.) First, I got a blast of chocolate goodness, then a cool mint or mocha flavor to linger. And they worked, because I had no desire to head back to the fridge. (Working from home is a curse sometimes.)

What’s also awesome is that each one only has 15 calories – less than an after dinner mint! Each lozenge only has two grams of sugar, no MSG or high-fructose corn syrup, and is gluten-free. They’re perfect for combating holiday overeating because they are individually wrapped and slip neatly into a cute clutch or even a pocket. If you’re already eating healthy but stopping is your downfall, these are so incredibly perfect.

Don’t believe me? Get your very own MealEnders for 20% off using the code FitHolidays20 – making it an even more awesome deal to curb holiday overeating.

Budget a little tight? One lucky reader gets the same awesome package MealEnders sent me: four bags, one in each flavor! Each bag has 25 lozenges. Enter below!


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    1. I actually scoured the ingredient list before I tried them. They’re sugary, yes, but there’s nothing on that list that caused me alarm.

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