RuckPack Review: Energy Boost for Workouts (and Life)

This RuckPack review was a pleasure to write. If you know me, you know I’m not a fan of gas station energy shots. I do like my pre-workout, though, and RuckPack sent me a bunch of 3 oz energy and focus shots, as well as a few 12 oz drinks, to review.

RuckPack Review: Support vets, small business, and made in the USA in one great energy shot!

Let’s first talk about RuckPack itself. I can’t help but get behind the brand because it encompasses two of my values: buying American and supporting veterans. Marine Special Operations Forces founded the brand, and it’s owned and operated by military service members. Not one to forget its origins, RuckPack gives 5 percent of its profits to the Marine Corps – Law Enforcement Foundation and other charities. Finally, all of the supplements are made in the USA.

RuckPack sent me:

  • 3 oz energizer shots in Strawberry Assault. These contain 120 mg of caffeine and are ideal for pre-workout or a brain boost on a sluggish day.
  • 3 oz energizer shots in Citrus Ambush. With a powerful 240 mg of caffeine, I was skittish about trying them.
  • 3 oz energizer shots in Raspberry Grenade. These have no caffeine. Ideally, you’d take this energy shot in the afternoon and be able to fall asleep just fine later.
  • 12 oz Speedball in both Sweet Citrus and Fruit Punch. It looks like a super-charged sports drink.
  • 12 oz Refit Hydration in Lemon Lime.

RuckPack Review: Laser-Like Focus from Strawberry Assault

With that said, I tried the strawberry energizer shot, called Strawberry Assault. I loved the flavor. As someone who does try fancypants energy shots regularly, this one, hands down, tasted the best. I took the RuckPack Strawberry Assault before barbell class, and I felt like I could focus more. That’s probably because it’s not your typical energy shot. RuckPack doesn’t just add a ton of caffeine. It uses nootropics. That sounds like something scary, but it really just is brain food. One of the ingredients is Alpha-GPC, which is given to Alzheimer’s patients.

Ok, yes, it does contain 120 mg of caffeine, sourced from green tea. Strawberry Assault also includes theanine, CoQ10, and citrulline to counteract any of caffeine’s negative effects. I did not feel jittery at all. Nor did I get that uncomfortable heated sensation that sometimes occurs with pre-workout or energy drinks.

I’m very intrigued by the other RuckPack products; the brand offers an entire line of sports nutrition products, from pre-workout to protein. Would anyone be interested in another RuckPack review?

Also, RuckPack is kind enough to offer a 20 percent discount code for y’all! Use BB093 at checkout on RuckPack’s website. And let me know what you think!

This RuckPack review is a sponsored post. RuckPack sent me product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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