Here are a few of my favorite products – and some exclusive discounts and coupon codes on skincare, home gym equipment, meal planning, supplements, and more. This page does contain affiliate links – but because of my relationship with the brands, that means savings for you! For more information on what affiliate links mean, read my Disclosure Statement.

PlateJoy coupon code

Save $10 with CP10

Make meal prep a breeze with PlateJoy! The whole meal planning process takes about five minutes, and PlateJoy creates personalized meal plans & grocery lists to help make healthy eating easier (and take all your preferences into account too). Plans start at less than $8/month!

ProSource Fit Coupon Code

Save 15% with THEBOX15

Need a new yoga mat? A foam roller? Some kettlebells or dumbbells for your home gym? Check out ProSource Fit! You can outfit your workout space with quality equipment - and save 15% with the ProSource Fit coupon code "THEBOX15"

Reebok Nano X1 crossfit training shoe


My current favorite CrossFit shoes are the Reebok Nano X1 model. They're so versatile: I wear them weightlifting as well. Designed for rope climbs, short runs, lifting, and more, they'll easily become your favorite crosstraining shoe, too!

FNXFit - save 15% with CP15

Save 15% with RUNBOX

I'm very partial to the FNX Recharge pre-workout (it has caffeine!), as well as the Refuel protein and the Relax sleep aid. The company also offers a stimulant-free pre-workout, BCAAs, creatine, krill oil. Save 15% with RUNBOX!