Thai-Inspired Beef Stir Fry Recipe

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I’m all about being able to prepare 30-minute meals, mainly because I don’t relish spending hours in the kitchen after I’ve spent a full day working. As a new member of the Texas Beef Team, I’m also now trying to find ways to use beef cost-effectively and beyond what you’d expect. The iron in beef helps with recovery – very valuable for athletes. This Thai-inspired beef stir fry recipe wraps all that into a neat package, providing a quick, easy weeknight meal that refuels muscles depleted from hard workouts.

Looking for a quick weeknight dinner that's also packed with protein and iron to repair sore muscles? Try this Thai-inspired beef stir fry recipe!

I’ve found that buying pre-cut stir-fry beef at the grocery store is much less expensive, and it also cuts down on prep time. I end up splurging a bit on the pre-trimmed snow peas for this beef stir-fry recipe because it can be a pain to do prep work when your brain is still unplugging from work. If you do slice the beef yourself, slice it into thin strips.

Of course, you don’t have to use gluten-free spaghetti. I use it because I try to limit gluten (skin problems). This beef stir fry recipe is also delicious with soba noodles or whole wheat spaghetti. I try to choose a peanut sauce with minimal added sugar, so I recommend checking out the organic or healthy food section of your grocery store.

The general verdict from the family (except for the Picky Eater) is that this is delicious. It’s faster than getting takeout and much less expensive (see: I’m a big fan of eating on a budget). The pasta takes the longest to cook, so I always start the water for it first, then do any prep work needed, which is usually just measuring out the sauce!

If you try this Thai-inspired beef stir-fry recipe, let me know how it went.