The Drop-In Diaries: CrossFit Sixth City

Content Marketing World is my big industry conference every year. It’s held in Cleveland, which is a surprisingly cool city. (I highly recommend eating at Town Hall, which has plenty of healthy, delicious options.) On this year’s trip, I dropped in for a WOD at CrossFit Sixth City (my second time). Yes, I hauled myself out of my nice, warm bed at the Aloft, called up a Lyft, and headed to a slightly questionable area of Cleveland for a 6:30 a.m. WOD.

I dropped in at CrossFit Sixth City on a recent trip to Cleveland. Find out how it went in the latest installment of The Drop-In Diaries!

CrossFit Sixth City Facility

First of all, despite the neighborhood, CrossFit Sixth City has an amazing facility. One of the reasons I came back is the beautiful rig and the completely separate stretching/warm-up/mobility area. The bathrooms are clean and roomy, and there’s ample storage cubbies for visitors. There’s also what looks like a lounge area on the second level, sort of like a loft.

The Programming

Both times I’ve been there, the coaches make sure we warm up before heading into anything. After a warm-up, the WOD was:


5 rounds:

  • 1 hang snatch pull at 75%
  • 2 snatch pulls from the floor


  • 3 snatches at 70%
  • 3 snatches at 75%
  • 2 snatches at 80%
  • 2 snatches at 85%


4 rounds – 15 minute cap

  • 24 kettlebell swings (70/53)
  • 12 bar-facing burpees
  • 6 deadlifts at 70%

I struggled quite a bit with this one – it could have been a touch of jet lag, general fatigue, or working out fasted. No matter what, it was a tough WOD.


I had Jeff Brannigan, Head Coach + Owner + Programming Director. (Last time, I had Adam Daugherty, Head Coach + Owner + Business Director, whom I really liked.) Jeff’s approach is different, and he’s a cautious kind of coach. For some reason, I was completely screwing up my snatch, which I think made him nervous. I appreciated his caution, even though I was incredibly frustrated with myself.

Overall, I really like CrossFit Sixth City, and it’s worth the Lyft ride. I’ll be there again during Content Marketing World!

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