Top 5 On the Go Gym Snacks

Now that I’ve found my tribe (we wear running shoes and find pretty views to enjoy), I’m getting in my car and driving to our designated meetup spots for short and long runs. Hopefully soon I’ll be joining a box, and both of those mean one thing: I need snacks in my gym bag! I don’t like to eat anything too heavy before or after a workout, but for those times when I need a boost, here’s what’s tucked away in the bag:

Blue Diamond Almonds, 100-Calorie Packs. I buy these little packs of almonds in bulk and throw a couple in my gym bag and purse. As a bonus, they make great hypoglycemia snacks to stabilize my blood sugar. They’re tasty, healthy, and pre-portioned, so I won’t eat a whole bag of almonds (which I could easily do). And when you buy them in bulk, they’re also very cost-effective – Amazon has them for what amounts to less than 59 cents per bag.

Baby bananas. Oh my gosh, these are so cute! They’re little bananas that give me just enough of a blood sugar boost prior to a shorter run or a WOD. They’re also relatively inexpensive at Kroger; you get a bag of six for like a dollar. Even better, they’re sweeter than regular bananas.

Clif Kids Zbar. These are small, lower calorie than a full size Clif Bar, and organic. I like to eat them before long runs and keep them in my purse, not just for me but for hungry kids.

Peanut Butter Protein Truffles. These don’t necessarily get packed my gym bag (and I realize the lighting is really off in this picture – they’re much prettier in person). But they are a grab-and-go gym staple, particularly if I’m heading toward a strength workout.

IsaLean shakes

IsaLean shake packets and a shaker bottle with 8 oz of water. I know this isn’t strictly a snack, but since I work out first thing in the morning, I need my protein. I’ll grab my shaker bottle, add 8 oz of water, and grab a shake packet. After my workout, I’ll tear open the packet and shake happily, then sip on the drive home.

What are your favorite on the go gym snacks? Sound off in the comments!