Best Subscription Boxes for Staying Home

Welcome to Week 3 of my “new normal.” I’ve been working from home since 2011, but adding my kids into the mix to “home school” them throws in a new layer of complexity. The gyms are closed; restaurants are closed; basically, everything I kinda sorta want to do is off the table. Thankfully I know about the best subscription boxes for staying home.

Okay, yeah, I’m an introvert who likes to stay at home anyway. I discovered most of these subscription boxes long before COVID-19 and coronavirus. I’ve noted the ones that I’ve already tried, as well as the ones I want to try to stave off the social distancing crazies. As a bonus, when you sign up for one of these boxes, you’re helping a small business!

Best Subscription Boxes for Staying Home

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Fit Snack

I’ve written an unboxing of my Fit Snack box every month, and for good reason. Every month, Fit Snack sends you a big box full of snacks, including snacks you might not think of trying. I’ve eaten the most delicious roasted chickpeas, protein bars, and organic puffs. And the best part about a Fit Snack subscription? You’ll be taking fewer trips to the grocery store.

To subscribe:, $28.90/month

Date Night In

One of the reasons why I originally subscribed to the Date Night In box is because, well, sitters are expensive. Every month, my husband and I get a themed box so that we can have a date night in the comfort of our own home. The box includes a suggested menu, as well as small snacks in case we don’t feel like cooking. There’s also a curated Spotify playlist, discussion questions, and a game to play.

We’ve had a relaxation-themed box, an adventure-themed box, and a retro-themed box, among others. It’s definitely one of the best subscription boxes for staying at home – pandemic or no pandemic! (And there’s a faith-based option, too.) That said, I’m looking forward to when we can get a sitter and go out on the town.

To subscribe: Date Night In, plans start at $38.67/month

Barbella Box

You knew this one was coming, right? I seriously love Barbella Box. It’s one of those subscription boxes you’ll want to keep once the gyms reopen, because it’s always so full of great items you can use at home or at the gym. Barbella Box usually posts a preview of the “big” item on its Instagram feed, and you can skip the month if you’re just not feeling it. April’s box is going to include a pair of Born Primitive leggings, and I’m really excited about that!

To subscribe:, $49.99/month


Stress and anxiety is just a way of life right now. We don’t know what’s going to happen – but we can control how we react. MindWander is a box geared toward dealing with stress and anxiety. Every month, you get a box curated with a coping skill in mind (March was getting better sleep), based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Depending on which plan you select, you’ll also get self-care items like bath and body products or lifestyle items. March included some lavender pillow spray, a face balm, and a small notebook in addition to a workbook and exercises.

To subscribe: MindWander, starting at $39.99/month


Please note that I am very much happily married. That said, I’m definitely into self-care, and the SinglesSwag box fits the bill perfectly. Every month, you get a box with snacks, accessories, bath and beauty products, and a book. It’s a fun box to get, and it will help you up your self-care game in a time when I’m sure we all need to be kinder to ourselves.

To subscribe: SinglesSwag, starting at $37.50/month

What if none of these boxes float your boat? The good news is, there’s a subscription box out there for anyone! Some people are using this time to take up a new hobby; some are doubling down on self-care (me). You can even find boxes for your kids.

Everyone, I’m hoping that one of these best subscription boxes for staying home will work for you. But most importantly, I’m hoping you’re all staying healthy. This, too, shall pass.

Stay healthy!