Can Rehband’s Tights Relieve ITBS?

Ever had runner’s knee? The nods I’m feeling through my keyboard pretty much confirm what I suspect: a lot of us have a host of knee problems, some of which are brought on by IT band syndrome (ITBS), an overuse injury that affects our IT bands, knees, and more. As I run more, I’ve noticed that if I don’t spend ample time on my foam roller, I end up with creaky, angry knees. That’s probably why I’m so excited to write this Rehband Runner’s Knee ITBS Tights Review.

As I run more, I've noticed that if I don't spend ample time on my foam roller, I end up with creaky, angry knees. That's probably why I'm so excited to write this Rehband Runner's Knee ITBS Tights Review.

Rehband, a company best known for the most amazing knee sleeves for CrossFitters, is setting out to change how we support our knees and mitigate ITBS and runner’s knee. At The Running Event in Austin, Rehband introduced its Runner’s Knee ITBS Tights, a long name for a product that can alleviate discomfort and provide the support needed for long distances. Rehband kindly provided me a complimentary pair of the tights to review in exchange for my honest opinion, and here it is.

Rehband Runner’s Knee ITBS Tights Review: The Good

The Rehband tights look just like ordinary compression tights, until you get up close. Then, you’ll see that they have bands of 2mm perforated neoprene up and down the IT band and knee area for support. This design provides compression and warmth, but also is breathable, unlike knee sleeves. For comfort, the tights have flatlock stitching. The reflectors are in the shape of the perforations, so there is also a safety element to the tights.

When I first put them on, they felt like regular compression tights. I ran six miles in them to start, and I definitely felt like the neoprene helped support my knees better than regular compression tights. I ended the run feeling strong and pain-free. There was no chafing from the tights, nor any discomfort. I also like how sleek they look; they don’t look like a medical device, even though they’re classified as one (so you can use your FSA dollars to buy them!)

What I like is that the compression is there; you feel it, and it feels great. But the tights look like any pair of running tights you can get at the store, so you don’t feel like you’re wearing a medical device.

Minor Room for Improvement

You know how I try to find something that can be improved? That’s not any different in this Rehband Runner’s Knee ITBS tights review. I’d love a slightly higher waistband and a zipper pocket for a house key. Um, that’s it.

I mean, there was also one minor annoyance: when I took the tights off, you could see the imprint of the perforations in my skin. Again, a minor annoyance and not worth complaining about, but be aware that this will be the case.

What you will notice is that your runs will feel better, and you’ll wish for cool weather year-round so you can keep wearing these tights. (Or is that just me?) I give these my complete recommendation.

P.S. Rehband also makes amazing compression leggings for those of you that don’t need the IT band support. They’re true compression wear that requires some wiggling to put on, but once they do, they feel amazing. I wore them after my 21-mile run, and I think they really helped alleviate soreness.


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