Clear Creek 5K Recap: Hello, Old Distance Friend

I am not entirely sure why I signed up for the Clear Creek 5K, but one thing is for certain: I hadn’t run a 5K since August 2015. That was a hot, humid run with my Moms Run This Town chapter, and I finished with a dismal 27-something. Keeping in mind that my 5K PR from 2014 was 24:27, and that was a “Fast Flat” course with a whole lot of downhill on a moderate day, I was pretty happy with my result this weekend.
The Clear Creek 5K is run by the Clear Creek Community Church, a nondenominational church in League City. Usually, the church also hosts a CrossFit competition on the same day, but that was canceled. I signed up for the 5K when I heard about it, and I’m not sure why. There are all sorts of reasons:
  1. I haven’t done a 5K in a long time. I was curious about my time. (I used to do a 5K almost every month, back in my early days of running.)
  2. I still aspire to compete in the Clear Creek Fitness Challenge. See my nutrition and meal plan.
  3. I had a moment of insanity because I forgot how much 5Ks annoy me.
Whatever the reason, I had the registration, and I wavered on whether or not I would run it. But then I learned that some of my MRTT pals were running the Clear Creek 5K, so I laid out an outfit, got up early to eat breakfast, and ran it.

The Clear Creek 5K

When I got there, it was still early, so I picked up my bib and timing chip, then meandered around. I was supposed to meet up with the MRTT ladies at 7 am near the start line (the race started at 7:30), but right before that, I started having an anxiety attack. I needed a moment, which turned into 20 minutes of an easy jog. It was a good warmup. After that, I did some dynamic stretching and watched Ainsley’s Angels start.
Then, it was time to line up. I saw this lady from my group:
Clear Creek 5K: Melissa & me
Melissa and me. Melissa is fast.
Melissa is fast. Like, super-fast sub-7 minute mile for this 5K fast. She posts her run times a lot, and I cycle through periods of admiration and jealousy. I have to remind myself that she’s 10 years younger and several inches taller (and therefore has more leg to use).
Anyway. I lined up behind a couple guys talking about running a 6:30 mile, which freaked me out a little, so I moved off to the right some more. I set a goal to run an 8:30 mile, on a whim.
The course itself had a lot of parking lot. Clear Creek Community Church is a huge campus, so we circled around that for about a mile, then went out the driveway and into a pretty little park next to Clear Creek and the Butler Longhorn Museum. I really liked that part: trees, the creek, some quirky little structures. And I ran that thing, pushing myself as we turned around.
When my watch beeped for three miles, I did my usual flooring it. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see a boy about 9 years old passing me. Passing me! I said, “Oh, hell no!” but he had the advantage of youth.
I crossed in 25:51.
Clear Creek 5k: second in my age group
And second in my age group.
Afterward, I congratulated Melissa, who placed first overall female, then went to drink my coffee protein shake and eat half a banana. I drank a lot of water at the finish line, but I didn’t eat any of the delicious-smelling breakfast tacos. I chatted with Kelly and the crew she had brought – Kelly is inspiring for her own reasons.
Overall, I’m pleased with my time – I’m coming back from an injury, and it was hot and humid. I had seriously considered running the race in my sports bra, that’s how humid it was.
I had fun, and I’m using the Clear Creek 5K time to choose my training paces for the Divas Half.
Did you run any races this weekend? How did it go?

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  1. Hi! I’m really into 5Ks this year and my goal is to run and write about as many as time and funds allow. I ran the Heart & Soul 5K in Buffalo this past weekend, but was very frustrated with myself this time. My time was ok (24:20) but I’ve been trying to train myself to conserve energy for that final sprint to the end, but I can’t seem to do it! Any advice from your days of 5Ks?

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