Track Workouts with a New Fitness Journal

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Does the perfect fitness journal exist? I didn’t think so. I looked everywhere for a fitness planner that would provide:

  • Dedicated pages for setting goals, evaluating your current fitness and health levels, and recording personal records
  • Daily dated pages to record workouts, meals, general health notes, and water intake
  • Weekly habit tracker
  • Monthly goal setting and evaluation pages
  • Quarterly progress tracker

One non-negotiable for a workout journal is blank space for recording workouts. Since I primarily use my gym journal as a CrossFit journal, I need the flexibility to jot down WODs, accessory work, and strength sessions.

Since other options had too many bells and whistles (and the price to match), I finally created my own fitness journal:

This softbound fitness journal looked so good that I decided to make it available to everyone. Buy it today on Amazon!