Marathon Training Week 5 Recap: Let’s End It with a Half

What can I say about marathon training week 5? It was a fairly ordinary week, up until the Houston Half Marathon on Sunday. I went to CrossFit, went on runs, and watched my nutrition veer wildly off point as the week got more stressful. (Hint: It’s still stressful.)

Marathon training week 5: Pumpkin WOD
Pumpkin WODs for days

Monday: It’s Hollyween Week at the box! Every single WOD this week involved six-pound pumpkins. It was brutal and fun at the same time. In the picture above, we’re doing a partner WOD: each partner takes a turn doing the movements. The other partner holds the pumpkin overhead.

That night, I was so anxious about the possibility of the bad yoga instructor that I went into the weight room and did some squats, strict presses, and deadlifts. Probably not the best idea during marathon training week 5, but anxiety makes me do dumb things.

Tuesday: I overslept and didn’t get to the track. I was pretty mad at myself. So I went to CrossFit (more pumpkins!), then, instead of 10x400m repeats, ran 10×2 minute intervals.

Wednesday: CrossFit. More pumpkins.

Thursday: I went to barbell class, where we were having a “light” week on cleans and snatches. I was fine with that.

Then, instead of a five-mile tempo run, I went on a five-mile Pokerun. What’s awesome is that, this week, Pokemon GO has spawned extra ghost and psychic-type Pokemon. Also, I was able to rack up a bunch of extra Bulbasaur candy. I felt pretty good; it was sunny but cooler and less humid.

I also went to yoga, and there was a substitute yoga teacher. It was more of a stretching class than the usual flow that Sean takes us through. I also think the yoga teacher was a bit intimidated, being in a CrossFit box. Really, we’re pretty regular people.

marathon training week 5

Friday: I did a 20-minute shakeout run, followed by a little yoga.

Saturday: I took a full rest day, with some foam rolling. I got up early, went to cheer on the competitors at the in-house CrossFit competition, and wished that I was competing. (I would have gotten my tail handed to me on a platter). I fueled. I stressed out over Sunday.

Sunday: Houston Half Marathon, to the tune of 1:57:50 (chip time). I’ll post a recap of it, because it was humbling and exhilarating all at the same time.

Marathon training week 5 is complete. Eleven weeks to go! I’m fundraising for the American Heart Association in honor of my late Grandma Ethel, who passed away when I was nine (and on a Girl Scout camping trip). We know a lot more about women and heart disease now than we did then. But we still have a long way to go to educate both men and women on how to keep their hearts healthy. Consider donating $26 (less than $1/mile!) or more.

If you’re training for the Chevron Houston Marathon, how’s your training going?