Nutrition Is the Foundation for Every PR

I hit a PR on my power clean yesterday morning. I didn’t set out with that intention, but as I completed reps at the prescribed percentages, the bar felt a little … light. After I completed my last set at admittedly more than 80% of my old one rep max, I loaded up the bar to that old max (75 pounds).

It came off the floor, through the pockets, and into the front rack easily.

So I added five pounds to the bar. I rested a minute since everyone else was finishing up their last sets. Then, I pulled the bar off the ground, hitting the three points, and somehow getting under it. That power clean wasn’t the prettiest one I’ve done; my elbows didn’t go all the way through. But I set a new PR!

This isn’t the first new PR I’ve set since starting my clean eating plan. Ever since I cut out the majority of my processed foods, stopped eating cheese, and said goodbye to mindless snacking, I’ve felt so much stronger. My pace for long runs is much faster than I thought it would be so soon after my ankle injury. And getting a snatch PR during 17.3 was huge.

I know everyone says it all the time, but nutrition really is the foundation for every PR. If you’re putting whole, real food into your body, it performs accordingly. Here’s a typical day on my plan:

Breakfast time!
Sometimes I throw everything in the skillet.

6:30 am breakfast: egg whites, spinach, oatmeal

Immediately post-WOD: whey protein shake, banana (I am literally chugging my shake in the parking lot most days)

About 30-45 minutes later: Oikos Triple Zero yogurt, some lean protein, a carb serving (usually Ezekiel bread)

Lunch: Tacos! (This means corn tortillas, shredded cabbage, chicken from the slow cooker, and avocado. There is no cheese.)

Afternoon snack: Zoodles and more chicken, and some almonds.

Dinner: This varies, but my favorite is a good piece of fish, rice, steamed broccoli, and olive oil. My second favorite is more of the seasoned slow cooker chicken, steamed broccoli, sweet potato, and almond butter. I really like broccoli.

I love fish and rice.


Bedtime snack: casein protein shake, peanut butter

I’ve also been drinking more water, being more conscious about getting sleep, and paying more attention to my body’s cues. I firmly believe the nutrition plan has helped by leaps and bounds. I don’t want to nap in the afternoons all the time (except weekends, because that’s what you do on weekends). I still drink coffee, but not as much. I feel strong on the road and in the gym.

Seriously, if I could sum up the one thing I’ve changed in the past two months? It’s my nutrition. I wasn’t seeing results until I changed my diet. Now, I have dreams of a half marathon PR and a scaled CrossFit competition where I don’t hurt myself.

I’ll admit that I was skeptical with the new plan, but even when I was moving in the wrong direction, weight-wise, I decided to trust that it would work. A few tweaks later, and I’m not only moving in the right direction but hitting PRs that have eluded me for months. Thank you, Holly.