The Drop-In Diaries: Oculus CrossFit

Welcome to a very, very delayed Oculus CrossFit review in this edition of the Drop-In Diaries! In May, I was in New York for the American Society of Journalists and Authors annual conference, and per usual, I wanted to get in a workout. Since I was staying in the Financial District, I chose Oculus CrossFit,

First of all, I need to preface this drop-in account with a disclaimer: I felt awful. This was in the middle of my long ride on the physical struggle bus, so I was definitely not at my best for this workout. Plus it was rainy and depressing in New York, which definitely affected my mood.

This edition of The Drop-In Diaries takes you to Oculus CrossFit in the Financial District of Manhattan.

The Oculus CrossFit Facility

Like a lot of CrossFit boxes in Manhattan, Oculus CrossFit is in a basement. That’s not a bad thing. It’s a decent-sized space outfitted with rigs and stocked with barbells, bumper plates, kettlebells, dumbbells, etc. The facility also has showers, which I didn’t need (unlike when I went to CrossFit Hell’s Kitchen and used their showers because the one in my hotel was so bad).

The Programming

I dropped in on a day when Oculus CrossFit was testing a one-rep max for the push press. Again, I was tired and definitely nowhere near 100%. We started at 35% of our one-rep maxes and built up to a new one. I only hit 95% of my one-rep max before I had to cry uncle. I just couldn’t get that last 5 lbs. over my head.

The WOD was an 8 minute AMRAP of 20 double-unders and one pullup, and then add a pullup as you add rounds. (So round 2, you’d do two pullups, etc.) Because I was just starting to get my dubs, and I have pullups, I went RX. My score was 5+5.

Overall, it was a good workout, and I was grateful for the chance to practice my dubs instead of go all out, given that I wasn’t at my best. David did a good job coaching, and if I’m ever staying in the Financial District, I’ll be back.

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