I Voluntarily Took a Week Off Running. Here’s How It Felt.

After the Independence 10K, I took a week off from running. The only time I ran was during CrossFit warmups. So, for the past week, I haven’t run a single step.

In a single word, it felt weird. Part of my brain didn’t understand why we weren’t moving forward and letting thoughts ping-pong around to the sound of 90s hip hop.

Here’s what happened instead:

I went to regular CrossFit classes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. I practiced wall balls on Monday and Friday, and on Tuesday, the WOD had 76 of ’em. I actually handled the wall balls to the 9′ line well.

(Oh, wait! Did I mention I’ve entered myself in a competition that’s less than a week away? The standard for wall balls is a 10-pound ball to a 10′ line. I greatly dislike wall balls, but I greatly want to compete. Thus the thrice-weekly wall ball practice at the box. On Friday, I strung together five in a row with a 10-pound ball to the 10′ line.)

On Thursday, I went to barbell class and yoga. Saturday, I went to the box for a Bod Pod measurement (17.3 percent body fat).

But yeah, there was no running involved. Just running errands and riding herd, my usual weekend activities.

Part of it was laziness; I just didn’t feel like actually running, nor did I feel like waking up long before dawn to avoid the punishing sun. Another part was that I really felt like I needed some rest. Running in the heat is a nightmare, and the hell on earth that is summer in Houston has begun in earnest. I do not like trying to plod my way through a run when I can’t sweat properly. Honestly, it felt good to sleep in a bit and focus on CrossFit.


I want to run a 10K and hit a PR in September. This week, I begin a training plan that includes speed work to get there. Just in time for the dog days, I’ll be back out there.